Wood Stork at Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge

Stephen L Tabone Nature Photography

While at Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge and photographing White Pelicans, a Wood Stork flew into the area and began feeding on the same pond. Although I was enjoying photographing the pelicans, I could not resist watching and photographing the Wood Stork.

Wood Storks are the only stock species in North America and are on the U.S. Endangered Species List. There are about 5,000 breeding pairs in the United States. They are large birds 40-44 inches in length with a wingspan of 5 feet. As you can see from the images, their feathers are predominantly white except for the edges of their wings, which are black, and their necks and heads are naked of any feathers. Males and females look alike, which is a good thing given how strange they look.

Clearly, they are not one of the prettiest bird species Mother Nature has created. However, they do not start…

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