Short-tailed albatross chick on Midway again

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This video is called Short-tailed Albatross – Midway Atoll.

From the Chattanoogan in the USA:

Endangered Bird Produces A Chick On U.S. Soil For 2nd Time In History

posted January 23, 2012

For the second time ever recorded, an endangered Short-tailed Albatross has nested in the United States and produced a chick. The recent discovery of the nest and chick on Midway Atoll in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands follows the fledging of the first U.S.-born chick last year at the same site by the same parents.

“This is great news because it suggests that the first chick hatched last year was not an isolated incident. We may be seeing the early stages of the formation of a new population of this very rare bird,” said Dr. George Wallace, director of Oceans and Islands at American Bird Conservancy, the nation’s leading bird conservation organization.

“This would be a significant conservation…

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