BP oil kills fish, dolphins

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This 18 April 2012 video is called Scientists: Fish Sick Where BP’s Oil Spill Hit.

From Practical Fishkeeping, about the USA:

Deepwater oil spill area has more ill fish

A government-funded survey of the entire Gulf of Mexico last summer found more ill fish in the area of the 2010 Deepwater oil spill than anywhere else.

The survey took place last summer with funding from NOAA and cooperation from the state’s marine science laboratory in St. Petersburg and caught over 4000 fish and found many exhibited unusual skin lesions.

Steve Murawski, an oceanographer who previously served as the chief fisheries scientist of the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration who lead the project said that whilst the highest frequency of disease in fish was the area where the oil spill was that people shouldn’t necessarily assume that this was the cause. He pointed out that the large number of fish…

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