Kreativ Blogger Award

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Kreativ Blogger Award

Many thanks to Jean Mishra and her blog MoonLightened Way for awarding me the Kreativ Blogger Award.

As I am very recent at WordPress (where Jean got to know my blog), this humbles me.

Here are my replies, according to Kreativ Blogger Award rules:


1. Name your favourite song:

Loch Sheelin Eviction, by the Wolfe Tones.

2. Name your favourite dessert:

Fruit salad.

3. What ticks me off:


4. When I’m upset I:


5. What’s your favourite pet:

I used to have an aquarium with fish and a terrarium with newts and frogs. But not anymore, as these animals deserve 100% of the best of care, at which I am not good enough, so I don’t have any pets now.

6. Black or white:


7. Biggest Fear:

World war.

8. Everyday attitude:

Hoping for good interesting news on one of many subjects in which…

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