Shooting in a blizzard – Karolinerspelet

Bente Haarstad Photography

Last night I went to the dress rehearsal for the play Karolinerspelet, performed outdoors in a mountain village every second year in January. It was downright like entering a blizzard: snowing horizontally, vertically and in whirlwinds. But as an actor told me a couple of days before, “some snow make this even more realistic. It is fantastic!”

Karolinerspelet tells about a swedish army, the Caroleans who were the soldiers of the Swedish king Charles XII. On new years eve in 1718 they arrived in the norwegian border village of Tydal on their way home after a futile attempt to conquer the norwegian city of Trondheim (They did not even try). The next days more than 3000 cold and hungry soldiers died in a winter storm trying to cross the mountains to go home.

The play is performed this weekend with the actor Paul Ottar Haga as the swedish general…

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