Endangered Species That Need Our Help In 2012

Young rhino with mother at Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve, Johannesburg. Females reach sexual maturity at 6–7 years of age while males reach sexual maturity between 10–12 years of age. Courtship is often a difficult affair.Photo: White Rhino ( Creative Commons)

Huffington Post2011-12-30:                      Across the globe, hundreds of animal species face a grave and increasing threat of extinction. While many of these animals may live in remote locations, the spread of human populations and commercial activities poses a tremendous threat. Below is a list from the World Wildlife Fund of 10 endangered species that received attention from the group in 2010. Some, like the Irrawaddy dolphin, mountain gorilla and Vaquita have global populations that number in the hundreds. Another animal on the list, the Javan rhino, has a population of around only 40 animals. Sadly, poaching and black markets are often to blame for…                     more »


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