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UN Praises Initiative To Protect Tigers

Scoop2011-11-30:                      Wednesday, 30 November 2011, 1:27 pm Press Release: UN News UN-Backed Convention Praises Project Predator Initiative To Protect Wild Tigers New York, Nov 29 2011 – The head of the United Nations-backed convention on endangered species praised today a … Continue reading

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The Difference Between Wild and Domestic Horses

The Examiner2011-11-30:                      North America’s only wild horses became extinct more than 10,000 years ago. The mustangs we know today are descendants of domestic horses (Equus callabus) brought to the U.S. by the Spanish in the 16th century. Since mustangs roam … Continue reading

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Animal Biotechnology

Summary This report describes and evaluates animal biotechnology and its application in veterinary medicine and pharmaceuticals as well as improvement in food production. Knowledge of animal genetics is important in the application of biotechnology to manage genetic disorders and improve … Continue reading

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Hippos and Flamingos In Lake Nakuru—Part I

2011  • Leave a Comment (Edit) Photo: Dr. Jaan Novek

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New Thinking Needed On Wildlife Diseases

Professor Corey Bradshaw and colleagues have evaluated freely available software tools that provide a realistic prediction of the spread of disease among animals. They used a combination of models to look at the possible spread of TB among feral water … Continue reading

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Protecting The Himalayas

The Hindu2011-11-29:                      The ministerial declaration issued by India, Bhutan, Nepal, and Bangladesh addressing food, water, energy, and biodiversity concerns in the Himalayan region is a welcome initiative to protect this biodiversity-rich mountain range. The vast area faces a variety of … Continue reading

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Some People In Stockholm Poison Public Trees Because They Want Ocean View

This nasty habit is coming more and more widespread. There are Internet sites with tips how to poison trees to get more attractive Ocean views. They use poisonous darts.

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Uploaded Photos To Birdforum—Part 24


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5 Things You Must Know About Durban Climate Talks!

The 17th-annual UN climate conference begins this week. What can we expect? —By Kate Sheppard | Mon Nov. 28, 2011 3:00 AM PST   YoTuT/Flickr What a difference two years makes. Heading into the 15th Conference of the Parties, the … Continue reading

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Canadian Tar Sands Project A Huge Risk, Say Environmentalists

The Guardian2011-11-30:                      Environmentalists say plan to pipe crude across Alberta and load it onto supertankers bound for Asia could lead to ‘catastrophe’ Environmentalists hope to build on their Keystone victory by cutting off new export routes from Alberta. Photograph: Todd … Continue reading

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