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June 30—Early Morning Rise

Today I went out 4 am! As a reward I got many wildlife encounters, from foxes, Roe Deers to Common Buzzards. Lately I went to the Lexington shop and bought more handmade wood waders as I’m fixing my house!

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Greater Spotted Woodpecker

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European Hare/ Fälthare June 29 Early Morning

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Central Africas Million £ Bush Meat Trade

Photo: Public Domain Causing widespread loss of biodiversity June 2011: A growing and lucrative illegal international commercial trade in bushmeat – the meat and other parts of wild mammals, birds and reptiles – is causing widespread loss of biodiversity, imperilling … Continue reading

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Press Release: Quebec Protects Boreal Forests With Adress to Europeans

City Brussels, Belgium Mathew Jacobson, manager of the Pew Environment Group’s International Boreal Conservation Campaign in Quebec, issued the following statement today in reaction to Quebec Premier Jean Charest’s presentation to the European Parliament entitled, “The Plan Nord: New Model of Sustainable … Continue reading

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Captive Chimpanzees Show Sign of Mentally Illness

Repetitive rocking and self mutilation are not animal behaviors you’d expect to see on your visit to the zoo, but according to new research compiled by the University of Kent’s School of Anthropology and Conservation, and published in the online … Continue reading

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Over 1000 New Species Found in PNG

A frog with fangs, a blind snake and a round-headed dolphin are among more than 1000 new species that have been recently found in Papua New Guinea, the environment group WWF said yesterday. A frog with fangs, a blind snake … Continue reading

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