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Landscape Uppland, Vaxholm


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Greenland Condemns Greenpeace Protest

Greenland has condemned as illegal a protest by Greenpeace activists who scaled an oil rig in a bid to prevent a British company from drilling in Arctic waters off the North Atlantic island. At the weekend, three activists from the … Continue reading

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Australia: Cruel Live Animal Export

Export of live cattle to three Indonesian abattoirs has been suspended. LiveCorp has taken the decision after it was given footage of animal cruelty by animal rights campaigners. LiveCorp CEO Cameron Hall says cruelty to Australian animals is simply unacceptable … Continue reading

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Deep Snowpack, More Man- Grizzly Encounters

HELENA — There have been a half-dozen encounters between grizzly bears and humans reported in Montana this month alone, a number experts attribute to a growing bear population stuck in the low country because of the deep snowpack. Most of … Continue reading

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Seeds Could Save Africa’s Forests

Washington – Efficient cookstoves and better crop seeds could play a key role in saving forests in sub-Saharan Africa, helping to cut emissions of climate-warming carbon dioxide, environmental experts reported on Sunday. This is important, since deforestation and forest degradation … Continue reading

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Forests: What is REDD?

Forests help sustain life on earth by absorbing carbon dioxide from the air, and also provide a home to many communities that depend on them, yet they become one of the biggest sources of harmful carbon dioxide when they are … Continue reading

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Sedge Warbler/ Sävsångare, Hiding in the Reed bed

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My New Friend the Whinchat / Buskskvätta

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Southern Africa: Rhino Poaching A Concern For the Region

DEPUTY Prime Minister Marco Hausiku has warned that cross-border rhino poaching could reverse the big success made in rhino protection in southern Africa. “Rhino poaching is a cause for concern for all the range states and it needs all our … Continue reading

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US To Restrict Flame Retardants Aerial Use

The U.S. Forest Service is weighing tighter restrictions on aerial fire retardant drops as part of a long-running legal battle over the environmental effects of pouring millions of gallons of the chemical mixture on Western wildlands every year. Retardant use … Continue reading

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