Ploys to make fur ‘respectable’ for the youth

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   Barbie dolls wearing fur (picture from One Green Planet)

Only 58 % of 18 to 24-year-olds in a poll believed it WRONG to use fur!

I  found this dismal statistic when reading Lorraine Fisher’s article in the Mail Online – March 2014 (

Even more depressing, though, was realising how furriers and fashion designers are trying to lure young people into buying real fur produce. To do this, these manufacturers are moving away from the ‘luxurious, heavy’ look of fur and producing  a ‘lighter, colourful and fun’ product.  

In other words, not only are creatures being needlessly skinned for their fur but their fur is now being disguised through dye and shearing. THIS MAKES NO SENSE TO ME.

 heavy coatsold lady in furFROM THIS 

TO THIS  FORDTrend-setter: Lily Allen steps out in a Roksanda Illncic fur jacketDKNY Fall Winter 2014 New York Fashion Week

One Green Planet ( presented a list of ‘How Fur is Making a Comeback’, as follows:  

The major ways that the…

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Eggs and dairy – telling the truth

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I shall start by saying that I’ve been there, I’ve been deceived – I used to follow a vegetarian diet.

I chose my words there with care; vegetarianism is a diet and the significance of this will, I hope, become clear as you read on. Until I found out about veganism, I had a nagging but unexamined notion that my consumption of eggs and dairy had to be done in an ethical manner, so I always chose ‘organic’ and ‘free-range’.  Looking back, it will always mystify me why I was able to recognise the moral significance of my victims to the extent that I realised the need to try to reduce their suffering, but I was somehow incapable of doing the tiny amount of research that it eventually took in this age of Google to realise that:

  • contrary to what many believe, all ‘products’ derived from the bodies of sentient creatures result in…

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Join This Care2 Member in Saving Baby Moneys From Torturous Research Study | Care2 Causes

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3112200.largeOne of my favorite things about being a part of the Care2 community is seeing our incredible members get behind issues they really care about. Take for example Care2 member Mary Elizabeth who recently launched a petition to stop the torture of baby monkeys in a new anxiety and depression study being conducted at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

When you read the details of the experiment, it’s hard not to cringe. First, 20 infant rhesus macaques will be separated from their mothers within 24 hours of birth. For the next month, the infant monkeys will be raised alone is a shoebox-sized incubator with their only comfort being a cloth-covered inanimate object. Known as “surrogate peer-rearing,” this technique has been widely known for creating heightened anxiety in young monkeys.

At approximately two-weeks-old, the babies will then only be removed from their solitary existence to be frightened by various stimuli including human…

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Estonian Birds: Desert Wheatear, Male In Summer Plumage , Mongolia ( Photo: Wikipedia)

Estonian Birds: Crested Lark

Estonian Birds: Euroasian Capercaille

Pied Avocet: Estonian Birds; There Are 9 Species Of Avocets, One Occuring In Estonia ( Photo: Wikipedia)


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