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Estonia: St.Petersburg; Russian Gourmet King To Pärnu, Estonia To Eat A Eight Dishes Dinner

Komi Patterns In Fashion ( Komi A Forested Area Near The Urals); Estonians And Finns And Komis Speak All Finno-ugrian Language. Estonians Are Related To The Komis!

Swedish Svenska Dagbladet Wrote This Morning:” Sweden’s Prime Minister Löfven And Queen Silvia Played An Important Role At The UN Meeting Yesterday! Sweden Is Not Mentioned A Single Time In: The New York Times; Financial Times; Wall Street Paper; Washington Post LA Times; BBC, Guardian!

BBC : Russia Shows Sweden: The Rotting West! Yesterday Russia Today Wrote On Their Frontpage : Swedish Women United: Will Use The Same Word For Female Masturbation!

US Top Military Analysis: Putin’s Real Aim Is To Invade Finland And Sweden ( 2 Non-NATO Countries)

golden oriole

Estonia’s War Of Independence That We Won With The Help From The Brits During WW1 Resulted In Something That Was Even More Radical Than Communism , But Without Violence. Land Was Taken From All Big Landholders And Was GivenTo Poor Peasants That Had Lived Under Serfdom Of Germans And Russians. Now They Had Their OWN Piece Of Land. Estonia Had Most Books Published Per Capita in Europe And Had Zero Clashes Between Ethnical Groups Between WW1 And WW2. A Large Number Of Estonian Women Were Phycisians. But Basically We Were A Rural Country. We All Know What The Golden Oriole Sings, ” Peoleo Kas Tiit On Teol” ; Which Means Is Still The Estonian Guy Tiit Working As A Slave On The Fields.


The Swedish Protestant Church Wrote To Me, A Woman Replied!: ” We Refuse To Respond To Atheists!”


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