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Oh My God, Office Rats Thinking They Are National Geographic Photographers LOL!

Animal Protection Groups –Do Little To Save Elephants

My God What A Hypocrite! A Norwegian Protesting Against The Cove Not Mentioning That Norway Has The Biggest Whaling Quota In The World! A Bit Exaggerated Perhaps, But Some Have Called Norwegian Whaling As The Biggest Animal Abuse Ever!

Reactions To My Plead To People To Not Pick Up Baby Birds And Mammals : ” You’re A Disgusting Ugly Sleaze , In Whose Hands All Animals Die Which You Touch. This Wrote The Perfect World Foundation , That Is Supported By Jane Goodall And Animals Asia.

According to Greenpeace, a man identified as a Russian coast guard officer points a knife at a Greenpeace International activist, during a protest near a Gazprom oil platform in the Pechora Sea

The Perfect World Foundation, That Calls Themself An Animal And Environmental NGO, Wants Badly Cooperation With Gazprom ( Nominated By Greenpeace As The World’s Most Evil Company Together With Monsanto),That Has Already Started Arctic Oil Drilling, But The Funny Thing Is That The Russians Don’t Want Any Perfect World Foundation / Petrogrand Cooperation

På Katastrofhjälp För Fåglar Och Vilt—Stockholm ( Numera Nordens Viltrehabilitering, Stal Ordföranden och Vice Ordföranden Alla Pengar Som Donerats Till Dem ( CEO and Vice CEO Stole All Donated Money For The Animals At Wildlife Rehab Centre , Stockholm) KFV–Stockholm

Letter From Kevin Richardson: ” You Gonna Land Yourself In Very Hot Water”

Hur Det Är Att Jobba Som Volontär Åt Lili Päivärinta / Djurens Ö ( Wildlife Centre Tells Volunteers To Pay For Everything Despite That They Are Funded By Donors)

Jane Goodall And Animals Asia Support Swedish NGO, The Perfect World Foundation, That Has Ambassadors Wearing Wolf Fur And Supporting Europe’s Biggest Animal Lab, Huntingtdon Life Sciences.

Oh My God, Now The NGOS Are Posting An Elephant Indoors In A Hotel And Think This Is The Ultimate Cuteness!—Welcome To The Extinction Of Wildlife!Everything That’s Natural Is Gone!


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