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The Perfect World Foundation Is Getting Dumber For Each Day! Today They Have A Photo With The Caption: Quokka—Happiest Animal In The World! Forgetting Totally That The Quokka Habitat Is Under Heavy Logging

The Swedish Joke NGO, the Perfect World,Lars And Ragnhild Jacobsson, Has Posted A Photo With A Dead Rhino With the Caption ” A Perfect Day In Africa”On Their Facebook

chained elephant

How Low Can An Animals Right NGO sink? Swedish Pseudo NGO, The Perfect World Foundation, Publishes A Chained Elephant As The Perfect Picture:(((((

lars jacobsson

Lars Jacobsson Och Joachim Hjerpe I Perfect World Foundation Avslöjar Sitt Profitbegär: “- Det här är ingen romantisk grej om en bättre värld. Det är hard core ekonomiska fakta” Swedish So Called Environmentalists Reveal Their Profit Hunger And States: This Ain’t Romantic Environmentalism, We Are Hard Core Financial Capitalists


Nazisterna Ragnhild och Lars Jacobsson, The Perfect World Foundation,Oil Company Petrogrand, Volontärresor AB, Dynamic Group Kallar Sig Filantroper, Men Betalar Knappt Någon Skatt I Sverige( Swedish Nazis Lars and Ragnhild Jacobsson Call Themselves For Philantropists For Animal Rights Causes But Pay Less Tax To Sweden Than A Homeless Person)


Martin Stenmarck, Swedish Artist, Calls Himself Rhino Ambassador, But Does Performances For Dolphinariums.Martin Stenmarck Stödjer Aktivt Djurplågeri!


So Called Environmentalists;Ragnhild And Lars Jacobsson, In The NGO, The Perfect World Foundation,And Petrogrand Drilled For Oil In Western Russia And Caused A Huge Environmental Oil Spill Disaster;Orsakade Stor Miljöförstörelse

Swedish Artist, Martin Stenmarck, Calls Himself Rhino Ambassador, And Poses In Facebook Wearing A Wolf Fur Coat :((((

primate research

How Lars And Ragnhild Jacobsson, the Perfect World Foundation, Is Ruining Djurrättsalliansens Work To Save Astra Zenecas Animal Lab Dogs


Animal Cruelty Is Again Supported By Swedish NGO, the Perfect World Foundation, Supports Huntingdon Life Sciences Animal Testing


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