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Hotels And Rescue Centers On The Beach—The Perfect World’s Idea How To Save Turtles! The Foolishness Is Complete!

My God What A Hypocrite! A Norwegian Protesting Against The Cove Not Mentioning That Norway Has The Biggest Whaling Quota In The World! A Bit Exaggerated Perhaps, But Some Have Called Norwegian Whaling As The Biggest Animal Abuse Ever!

Jane Goodall And Animals Asia Support Swedish NGO, The Perfect World Foundation, That Has Ambassadors Wearing Wolf Fur And Supporting Europe’s Biggest Animal Lab, Huntingtdon Life Sciences.

Is This The End Of The Environmental Movement? Jane Goodall And Jill Robinson, Animals Asia, Support An NGO, The Perfect World Foundation, That Supports Fur Of Critically Endangered Wolves , Dolphinariums And Experiments On Primates!!!

I Admire The Swedish NGOs, The Perfect World’s Language, That Claims They Are The Biggest NGO In The World!!!! Cough!Their Rhino Ambassador Carries A Wolf Fur Coat In Facebook And Another Rhino Ambassador Is A Keen Supporter Of Europe’s Biggest Animal Lab, Huntingdon Life Sciences!

Swedish Organisation, The Perfect World Foundation, Claims They Are Going To Be One Of The Biggest NGOs in The World—When You Read Their Article However They Come As Looking Like Analphabets

Ytterliggare Makabra Bilder Från Lars Och Ragnhild Jacobsson, The Perfect World Foundation! The NGO the Perfect World Thinks This Picture With A Giraffe Is Very Funny When The Reality Is That Pools Harvest Many Casualities Each Year

The Perfect World Foundation Is Getting Dumber For Each Day! Today They Have A Photo With The Caption: Quokka—Happiest Animal In The World! Forgetting Totally That The Quokka Habitat Is Under Heavy Logging

The Swedish Joke NGO, the Perfect World,Lars And Ragnhild Jacobsson, Has Posted A Photo With A Dead Rhino With the Caption ” A Perfect Day In Africa”On Their Facebook

chained elephant

How Low Can An Animals Right NGO sink? Swedish Pseudo NGO, The Perfect World Foundation, Publishes A Chained Elephant As The Perfect Picture:(((((


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