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Swedish Nazi NGO, The Perfect World Foundation, Now Publishes Violence Together With Quotes Of Martin Luther King!

Comment From A Volunteer From Kevin Richardson’s ” Sanctionary”, Note Swedish Volontärresor AB ( It’s These People Who Threaten To Kill Me ) Makes Travels Also To This Scammer!

I Just Got A Comment From The Swedish Nazi NGO , The Perfect World Foundation”, Lars And Ragnhild Jacobsson ,They Told Me That I Can’t Speak Or Understand Swedish! Finally They Called Me A Sorry Arse….Hehe…..

The Swedish Nazis, The Perfect World Foundation, Never Write My Name As It Should Be, They Write Nowszxcski, Or Something Like That And Sign Their Letters With Sieg Heil And Go Back To Estonia

The Swedish Nazis Pose Also As An Animal Rights NGO, The Perfect World Foundation, They Write To Me That You Need Someone Who Changes Your Diapers For You And All Animals You Take Care Of Die. The Chief Person Is A Norwegian Woman Called Ragnhild Jacobsson.They Called My Father That They Gonna Kill Your Daughter.

Lies Again From The Perfect World Foundation: States Giraffe Manor Kenya Is Their Office; Actually It Belongs To South- African- Lodges. Com

Might Be A Funny Photo, But’s Actually It’s So Stupid As All Farmers Know , Pigs Are Extremely Sensitive to Sun And Get Easy Sunburnt( Another Foolish Perfect World Foundation Photo)


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