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  1. Hi, thanks for the compliment. Blog shall undergo some improvement in a webb bureau, shall ask them about subscription possibilities! Thanks again! Ann

  2. Thank you Ann for reblogging my post on “the page is the limit”.
    I like your blog and the content you put into your work.

    All the best,

    Carlo & the Brandpowder Team

  3. Hi, Many thanks for the reblog & for visiting my site. I really appreciate it. I’m currently spending time looking through your site as well. Wonderful pictures. :) Congratulations on the award as well. I can see why you won.

  4. How do I subscribe properly to your wonderful blog? I’m a ‘follower’ but I don’t get notified when you post
    Sorry if question is stupid!

  5. Million thanks for your kind words. Well, so far I haven’t had any intention to be a very serious blog, gonna ask a web bureau how to develop it more!
    Thanks again,

  6. Thank you so much for your compliment on my Dunes. You have a lovely family, nice to see so much personal stuff on-line. I admire where your heart is, may you always see nature from your heart…

  7. Thanks a million for your nice words!
    The best thing with blogging is as well that you learn a lot!

  8. Hi Ann
    I had to temporarily unsubscribe because I couldn’t keep up with all your posts and I knew I’d be busy – have resubscribed now!

  9. Loving your blog posts. Really nice to have such up to date info on subjects that seem so made to measure. Can’t hit LIKE on everything, but, rest assured I do. Thanks. Very jealous of your wetlands. I’m tempted to make the trip x

  10. Welcome back to Diabetic Redemption’s reader family! I’m very glad to see you there. Please take the time to find my Friends page, and tell me and my readers about your blog, with URL, and whatever you’d like us to know about you. I’m looking forward to checking out this blog, but it may take me a couple of days. I’m following — have been for a while. Again, Welcome!

  11. Thanks Judith, I shall follow your recommendations, btw was your post about the sexiest men funny!LOL!

  12. Raxacollective, I like your site, I’m currently browsing it, thanks for dropping by! Ann

  13. love your blog, some really good posts and very interesting keep up the good work :-)

  14. Hey, Ann – Go to your Dashboard and see if there is a “Settings.” Click on that and then click on “Discussions.” Set your comment notifications to whatever you want. I have mine set to 10. That way you should get notifications and replies.

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  16. Hey, come to your blog and appreciate the beauty of your photographs, I’m in a country far away but not prevent me from seeing the good art.

  17. Wow , visitors from South America! That’s veery nice!!! I shall take a look at your blog, had a short look and saw fab pictures!

    Thanks again,

  18. Ann, thanks for your quick response, your words of my blog are very good. We are in contact, I hope spring comes soon in your country.

  19. Hi Ann, Thanks so much for the nomination! You’re ahead of us by 2. Being a collective of contributors it is difficult to respond to these as an individual would. Being familiar with some of your other nominees we’re particularly honored. Cheers and thanks again!

  20. i should have added that i enjoy ALL of your photos – it is so nice to see spring beginning to bloom!

    thank you so much for liking my Haiku and Tanka

    David in Maine USA

  21. Thanks David! Your blog is different from others, and with such nice Haiku! A joyfull read…..

  22. Ann, thanks for the award, but I gave earlier the same Versatille Blog at another time, anyway I like your mention and I send you warm greetings to you.

  23. I like your blog, Ann. It’s where I go to relax and look at some nature and learn a bit about our natural world. And for some fond memories of Europe.

    One can never learn all there is to know. There is simply too much diversity to learn it all, thankfully.

    Thanks for all your hard work! It really is an accomplishment for you to be proud of.

    Here is a beautiful picture for you. One of my Twitter friends captured it.

    Very Best Regards to you, John Brian Shannon

    Derek Thomas ‏ @Coffeewarblers
    My #bird of the day. Lovely Marsh Tit in our local wood yesterday. http://goo.gl/rxrrB #birds #birding @CeeegeBirds

  24. Hello there John Brian! It was an excellent Bird site. Will take a longer look a bit later! Thanks for dropping by! Ann

  25. Hello Ann, I admire your blog so much, even though some of your posts are painful (but necessary) to see in order to make people aware of the horrible injustices done to animals. In any event, I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Bloggers Award in celebration of the variety of subjects that you do post. You’ve done a great job! Marcy

  26. Hi Ann,

    It would be a shame if you had to shut down your blog, just because of one deviant personality who posts hateful comments on your site.

    As much as many of us like reading through the community of comments on your blog, it would be much-preferable if you could just “turn off” comments for a while. Maybe he will get bored and go away. At least then, we could still visit your site to see your recent pictures!

    Very Best Regards, JBS

  27. Thanks John!
    I’m really a bit sad that my animal site did turn out to be pice of the Plestine conflict. I deal with other issues.

    All the best,

  28. Whatever you decide will be the right thing to do, Ann.

    Stop by my blog and say hi when you have a spare moment.

    I will miss this site. Very Best Regards, JBS

  29. Hi Ann,

    Glad to see you are still publishing.

    I don’t know if it is really appropriate for me to post bird snapshots on this thread, but everytime I see a nice wildlife shot, I think of your site! If you tell me to not post them, I will understand, the “About” page is not really for that, I think. If you want me to send pics to you somewhere else, then pls. just let me know. Expect about 1 per week. Are you on Twitter, if so, then maybe I could send them to you there.

    Best Regards, JBS

  30. John , it’s really nice with your bird shots. If you’re interested you can do a guest blog post about your birds, let me know! Thanks a million, Ann

  31. Wow, thanks Ann!

    Thank you for publishing the Blackburnian Warblers picture on your main site. It looks great! Really first class, Ann. Much appreciated.

    (I can’t take credit for the picture, Derek Thomas was the photographer on that pic, I believe).

    You added all that information, how great is that! Very kind of you.

    Thanks for all your work. I don’t know how many visitors you get per day, but it must be in the high hundreds or high thousands, worldwide every day. Just think of all the days you are brightening for real people, every day!

    I’ll try to submit a complete, proper bird blog next month sometime.

    Best Regards, JBS

  32. Ann, I love your photos, your birds and horses (and all the antiquity of buildings that you share with us). I feel bad that at times I can not leave a comment on a specific post. Take care.

  33. Thanks a million Wally for your kind words! Unfortunately I have some nutters , who will sabotage my work, and always write Sieg Heil etc, etc in my blog! So it’s more peaceful in this way! Thanks again! Ann

  34. Thanks Brian, it would really be great to have you as a contributor! Million thanks! Ann

  35. Hi Ann – I do now see what you mean about the other blogger – thanks!
    Will do my best to keep up with your posts but you are too fast for me – ha!

  36. Hi, you had a lovely collection of birds today! Thanks! She fooled me too…but took away the worst pictures before anybody noticed….All the best, Ann ( BTW, you know perhaps about the attentat last week in France?)

  37. I’ve just read your final post and am wondering have you notified WordPress of the problems or is that a silly question. I do wish you well and admire you very much.

  38. Hindupur; Million thanks foryour kind words! Good too see real photos of birds and not faked and stolen ones!

    After a decision, I will continue until I get very busy or tired!

    All the best,

  39. You are completely right centaur. I have a love for animals but I’m independent, no member of any organisation except a bird organisation. I have met very sick people among animal rights activists….they talk and collect money , but save no animals!

  40. I love animals and eat animals. I neither associate nor disassociate with animal activism, not until i get to the truth of it in details. Having said that, overall i have found good reasons as to why we should care for animals.
    All my life i have tried to surround my life with beautiful people and succeeded to an extent. But i am pleasantly surprised to meet decent human beings so easily on the blogging community.
    If i knew it before, i would have blogged instead of focusing my entire efforts elsewhere.
    Nice meeting you Ann.

  41. Ann, getting information about these practices out in the open is so important – your blog is very important work. Thank you!

  42. Thanks Monica for your kind words. I try to do an honest work and reporting only what’s ” true”.

    Thanks for coming to my blog!

  43. Earth Day Blog….I had to tell you that I walked the roads out here where I still live in 1970…I was in HS then…and we cleaned up any garbage we could find…I support you very much so….keep up the good info and works:) I could not find the comment place on the blog entry for today….sorry to post here but hope you find this:)

  44. Well Cowgirl, good work! Unfortunately can’t have my comments box open because some ” friend” try to destroy my blog for me, they post Sieg Heil and similar comments! A pity , it could be good with a discussion!

    Your friend,

  45. I am sorry to hear that….but I know the world has changed…what happened to civility and humanity…kindness and the gentle spirit I grew up in. I was born in 1953 and things were so different plus living out here in such a isolated place. We used to get maybe ten cars traveling by our home but now often it is more like 100…most are looking for things to steal…so I know…it is not right and am so sorry that anyone would try to harm your blog and or your work! We can fight by not allowing the evil in the world to ruin our lives….right? I stand with you!

  46. Hi, I think you and your blog is so great , so I posted your comment on the main site!

  47. Thank you for the reblog (again). Your continued support is so much appreciated. Keep up the great work and please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any fun questions! Cheers – Ann

  48. Oh how awful,,,the Hackney Stud post…..I would like to go and do the same to the owners….awful! I want to go get the stud and bring him here to the ranch where he could be loved and redeemed….it is torture and makes me so MAD!

  49. I think I shall have a special HORSE WEEK on my site, highlighting the crimes people do to the poor horses.

    Thanks for your replies.

  50. I think you are right on. I have not seen it this bad but to me from some of the horse shows our family participated in we saw parents whipping and yanking on horses to make them perform for their children to win champion…awful!

    The abuse the Hackney was getting was deplorable horrible…awful…as you see I am ready to fight hard for the horses or animals!!!

  51. Hi Sartenada!
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, comments have been closed , but from next week I shall open my comments box. Nice that you liked my Church pictures.

    All the best,

  52. Love your reply Hot Rod Cowgirl! We gonna fight for the Horses and Animals! Ann

  53. That sounds great, beautiful and charming birds, that are unfortunately an easy prey for Raptors! Ann

  54. Thanks a million! I grew up with horses, that’s why so many piccies!

    Thanks again,

  55. hi ann!
    thank you for your reblog

    You have an interactive way to talk about the care of the world and give great influence to me in particular to find out more by speaking from the heart to open the eyes of our environment

    good luck,

    thank you for your honest

  56. Million thanks… makes your work worthwhile when sometimes I think it’s in vain!:)))

  57. WoW, WoW! I just love it, because then it proves that all ain’t in vain!

    Million thanks! Hugs

  58. What a wonderful news, dear Cornelia! I’m extremely glad and thankful!
    Million thanks,

  59. Ann, your website is really, really cool. I love the way you stand up for the protection of different animals. Never know when you might be giving another chance to live to an animal. One more question. Where are you from just in case I missed it…

  60. Hi Mary!
    I’m from Sweden, born here, but my parents are from Estonia. I have relatives also living in Canada and the US.

    Thanks for dropping by…

  61. Thank you for visiting and Liking catnipoflife! I tried to Like some of your posts but did not see the feature. Your photography is awesome!

  62. Thanks Carlos! And A Happy New Year to you as well!
    It will take about 1 month until I start blogging again due to an car accident that happened to me!

    Take care,
    Your friend, Ann

  63. Happy New Year to you as well Petrel!

    Thanks a million for the nomination too!!:)

    I will thank all in the end of January when I will be back on track!


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  65. Hej Maria!
    Kul överraskning på Måndag morgon! Min blog är menat som en liten magasin för djur och miljöfrågor plus diverse annat!
    Fin blog du har!

    Tack för besöket! Ann

  66. you have changed you blog
    it was difficult to find you

    No thanks at all you are a beautiful friend
    and a great photographer who deserved the award more than me

    Do something about the link I have the old one
    in my address and could not change that

  67. Hi Ajaytao!
    I have not changed anything, maybe WordPress has a small problem here?

    Take care,

  68. Hello, Ann. Thank you for re-blogging my Java’s Grey Monkey. I am so delighted that one of my post become on the list of your interest. Happy blogging :-)

  69. Hello Pleis,
    You have a very nice blog that I must discover more!

    Have a nice weekend! Ann

  70. I m glad to see your smile, Ann. I feel happy if somebody is inspired by me. In this association of Bloggers, what else we can do?
    Have a great weekend.

  71. Thanks a million Maryam for your kindness! Indeed animals and Nature are my passions!:)

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  73. Dear friend,
    I’m deeply honoured but these Days I have decided that my blog is Award free!


  74. Dear friend! Million thanks for the honour, but my blog is Award free now! Thanks again!

  75. Thank you on behalf of Daylight Tune Ministry for liking our poetry, your future visits and likes. May our poetry bless you :-)

  76. Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking a post! Since you were kind enough to stop by I thought I’d come check you blog out and say, “Hi!. What a lovely blog you’ve got here!! Love the animal welfare posts – keep them coming!! Celeste :)

  77. Hey,
    Just happened to run into your blog. You have got a beautiful space running here. Loved your work. Its very subtle. I guess I will be hanging around here a lot. :) Great work

  78. Many thanks, Ann, for the re-blog of Wary of a Cassowary. I enjoy your site a lot and appreciate the exposure you give to worthy causes, especially the wildlife on this planet. Honored to be on your site–Jet.

  79. Hello,
    It is my honor and privilege to nominate your blog for the Awesome Blog Content Award. If you already have the award, please excuse my mistake and accept the nomination as a sincere statement of my appreciation for your excellent work.
    I posted the requirements for the award on my website: http://garryrogers.com. They are in the second post on my home page.

  80. Many Thanks for liking my latest posting at ukbirdingtimeline.com hopefully I’m back in the blogosphere for a while.

  81. Hej Ann! Kul att träffa på ännu en svensk tjej som bloggar på engelska. För mig var det självklart att främst blogga på engelska eftersom de flesta av mina online-vänner talar engelska. Tycker att du har en informativ och trevlig blogg med ordning och reda bland dina kategorier vilket gör det enkelt att hitta. Själv har jag inte lika bra ordning men är ännu nybörjare och lär mig vartefter. Hälsningar Carina

  82. Hej Carina!
    Det var kul att du hörde av dig och att du brinner för djurrättsfrågor och vargar!

    Ha en trevlig weekend!

  83. Hello, how lovely to meet you. Is that Spinach Quiche in one of your pictures? It is one of our favs. will be making it tomorrow. Love your family pictures.

  84. Thanks for visiting my blog, appreciated much your blog:)

    Yes, it’s Spinach Quiche:))))

  85. We both really like it, quite healthy. Use organic Spinach. Have been all over your Blog just now, WOW, it is simply awesome. So happy to meet you, we share much!

  86. whoah this weblog is fantastic i really like studying your posts. Stay up the good paintings! You recognize, a lot of individuals are looking around for this info, you could help them greatly.

  87. I’m very honoured for the award , but nowadays I don’t post them anymore as so many have told me that their blogs are Award free zones. I reblog instead to show my appreciation for certain person:)

    Million thanks anyway!:))))

  88. I can’t speak the language but the smile you have, Ms. Novek, is beautiful, and your post are vitally important. Thank U for your work.

  89. I so appreciate your blog. It encourages us to see all the beauty in the world as well as to be aware and take action to those who harm it. Your dedication to improve the world and to care for all it’s creatures is inspiring. Thank you for all your dedication and effort.

  90. Hello Ann: I greatly admire your blog and just nominated it for the, “Wonderful Team Member Readership Award.” My post was just published announcing your nomination. Congratulations! :)

  91. Dear friend! I appreciate much your nomination but my blog is Award free! Million thanks anyway for your kind Words!

    Have a nice day! Ann

  92. I have nominated you for a Liebster Award because I really like your blog and I do feel a connection between our ”worlds”. I simply adore the idea of your blog and I think it is downright outstanding. I love your imagination and following the adventures of Cluadia. Here is a link telling you how it is suppose to work but this is in no way obligatory of course and I will totally understand if you do not wanna doi this for wahtever reasons. It’s all good we totally understand. However I just wanted you to know I sincerly feel you deserve this award… Here is the link: http://tobedamit.com/2014/09/23/liebster-award-nomination/

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