Tigers on horseback and chained monkeys riding bicycles: Cruel Chinese circus flaunts government ban


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Originally posted on STOP ANIMAL ABUSE:

Zoos across China are still putting on cruel exotic animal performances, three months after they were banned by the government.

Humilating: Tigers are declawed and defanged before they are forced to jump through flaming hoops

In one show in Guangxi Zhuang yesterday, crowds cheered as a tiger teetered on the back of a horse, while monkeys, with chains around their necks, rode bicycles around in circles.

The grim spectacle is slowly being outlawed across the country – 300 state-owned zoos were notified in January they had to close their circuses – but many others claim they were never told about the ban and have no intention of stopping.

The government acted in January after increased pressure from outraged animal rights groups.

A study by Animals Asia in 2010 found bears were often whipped and beaten with sticks, elephants were prodded with metal hooks, while tigers and lions are made to endure chronic pain by being defanged and de-clawed.

“Watch the video below …A pray…

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