Himalayan Salamander Facing Extinction

Darjeeling Times2012-01-29:                      Himalayan Salamander facing extinction in Darjeeling HillsConservation is need of the hour By : Shri Bharat Prakash Rai (M.Sc, Eco. & Env.) Secretary, Federation of Societies for Environmental Protection [FOSEP] Smt. Priyadarshinin Rai ( M. Sc. Zoology) Member of FOSEP, Darjeeling Introduction : Salamanders are amphibians of the order Caudate (also called urodela) . This taxon includes the newts , a group of rough-skinned species in the salamander family Salamandridae. Salamander are differentiated from other amphibians (frogs and caecilians) conspicuously by the presence of a tail in all larvae,…                     more »



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